My Financial Coach

Freebridge works together with My Financial Coach to provide clients access to a dedicated CFP® professional. Working as a subject-matter expert, Freebridge coordinates with the CFP along with other subject-matter experts from every financial discipline in order to build and monitor your financial plan. Imagine. Your own financial team. Whenever you need their support.

Return on Insurance (REPORT)

...a process that was created to un-bundle and enhance an underutilized insurance strategy.  Many insurance companies offer what is referred to as Return of Premium (ROP), which is accomplished by the overpayment of premiums in order to receive some or all of your money back at a future date.

Alternative Banking (REPORT)

We have been trained to utilize checking accounts for managing cash flow.

Mutual Business Banking™ is a financial process that enables business owners to generate excess returns from business assets that must remain liquid to manage current expenses.

Property & Casualty 

Freebridge provides quoting and binding in all 50 states.  Our agents are independent and competitively quote all clients.  One of the primary benefits of this service is the annual requoting that insures always receiving a highly competitive rate.

Term Life

Our team will help you find the best term life insurance policy. Get quotes and compare life insurance policies across all of the top life insurance companies.  With this side-by-side comparison, you will know that you are getting the right product for the right price.

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