Our mission is to help clients turn the tables on financial institutions by learning how to mimic what they do instead of simply purchase what they sell.  By focusing on strategy first, we can learn how to take control of the financial equation and make the interaction with the insurance, banking, and investment industries a net positive.

Network of subject matter experts

We have created a strong network of best in class financial professionals who are not interested in one-off transactions, but in developing long-term relationships where money follows value.  Whether you are looking for a simplified planning approach with a little guidance, or a team of financial professionals working together to build a custom plan, we have a track for you to run on.

Client Advocacy

The world is full of gimmicks, misinformation, and marketing designed to appeal to emotions rather than logic and reason, which results in many misguided financial decisions.  Unable to accept the status quo, Freebridge has set out to help you gain greater perspective of the financial world so you can reach your maximum potential. The financial services industry is replete with ineffective strategies, suboptimal financial instruments, and tax gimmicks, and we conduct thorough due diligence on every strategy or product included in our process of financial optimization.

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